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Bollywood Diets and Fitness Tips for 2014

2014 has just started which means that everyone is writing their own New Year’s resolution. One of the most famous and battered resolutions that most of us have is to lose weight this year. Well, we cannot be blamed especially after all the binging and overeating that we did during the holidays. Well, if you are determined to shed off your fats this year, why not start from these hot Bollywood Celebrities diet and fitness tips?

Shilpa Shetty

This one hot model knows what she got with her hourglass figure. The Bollywood’s hottest momma admits that she doesn’t avoid food that her calorie intake averages at 2,000 per day. She munches on non-vegetarian food except on Thursday. She eats a bowl of porridge and normal tea for breakfast, a Roti which is made of five different kinds of grain, vegetables, chicken and Dal. She enjoys lettuce salad and apple on dinner. While this hot model eats clean, her secret to her svelte figure lies on her 3-4 times workout each week. Shelpa is one of the first actresses wjho release first fitness DVD. She is a huge fan of Yoga.

Kareena Kapoor

One can learn a diet lesson from this hardcore vegetarian. For the uninitiated, Kareena used to be a chubby Punbjabi Girl. However, determined as Kareena was, she was able to attain a zero-size figure. She attributed her slender figure with her healthy diet and exercise. Kareena is a huge fan of Bikram Yoga and enrolled in this class after she was required to do some stunts in her movie, Tashan. She also combines Pilates exercises with her yoga. She does 80 Suryan Maskars while working and fulfills 100 when she is free.

Aishwarya Rai

Ash is such a babe that it is impossible not to notice how incredible her figure is.  This diva is traditional when it comes to managing her figure eating veggies and fruits to get the proper nutrients. She also keeps her body hydrated with eight glasses of water each day. Amidst her hectic schedule, she finds time to squeeze exercises as her daily routine.

Karisma Kapoor

The writer of “My Yummy Mummy Guide” and a mother of two, Karisma Kapoor tells you her say on pregnancy and motherhood. Seeing how slim her figure is, we can tell that she indeed has a say with these two topics. The 39 year old actress wowed the Bollywood with her post-pregnancy figure that we cannot help but be envious of her. She isn’t a fussy eater but makes sure she eats healthy. She also does mixed martial art and parkour as her fitness routine.
Bipasha Basu

Bips is one of the fittest celebrities in the Bollywood, thanks to her penchant for variety of workouts. Seeing her curves, we must probably thank her fitness junkie ex-love John Abraham. Bips fitness routine includes yoga, dance, stretching, cardio, dance and spinning. Like Kareena,, she also does Surya namaskars where she is known to do a hundred every day! Seeing her and Kareena make us want to learn Surya namaskars.

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Veronica Barfield wanders loiters in the library and reads everything that catches her interest. She is a self-confessed fitness junkie and traveler, enjoying long walks and strolling places. She currently resides at Paradise Valley,AZ real estate


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