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Tips For An Expedition Themed Children's Birthday Party

Organising a children’s birthday party can be quite a challenge. Children aren’t the easiest of guests and you need to provide them with a lot of things to do to keep them from getting bored. Having a theme for your party is a really good idea. An expedition themed birthday party can be very quirky and here are some of the best tips for organising this.

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Simple Décor Tips

You can create the right ambiance with just a few simple tricks. For instance, the expedition could be made to a safari and therefore having houseplants in one room can add a jungle for the kids. You can also add some stuffed animals into the room.

Use some rope around the room and have a few old suitcases lying around. They could serve as a place to sit, for instance.

If you can find any cheap second-hand hats that look a bit like the Indiana Jones hat you can have them for the guests to wear as well.

Tasty Food

For the food you can easily continue with the jungle theme with some clever ways. For instance, have some animal crackers and dried bananas at the party. Nuts are also a good option and these are really fun and healthy for the kids to eat.

You can also make little sandwiches, which are a perfect expedition food. They are also really easy to make and you could prepare them together with the kids as well if you want.

Make a tasty chocolate cake that has the favourite animal of the birthday hero on top. You could also create a hot air balloon on top with some candies instead. Passionfor Parties website also has a great recipe for lion and monkey cupcakes that you could consider.

Fun Expedition Games

The entertainment is really important at a children’s birthday party. You should have enough activities to keep the kids busy for the whole time. The good news is that this is a really good theme for some fun activities.

Organising a little treasure hunt is a really good idea, for instance. You can create a treasure map and have a small surprise waiting at the end of the hunt. You can include some physical tasks and simple quizzes as part of the treasure hunt map.

If you have the party during the summer months or the weather is good enough to go outside then you could have an obstacle course. This isn’t anything too difficult to organise and is a great way for the kids to let out some of the steam.

And if you want to calm things down at any point then there are some good children’smovies that go well with this theme. For example, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda could be something worth considering.

The above tips can help you organise a fun expedition themed birthday party for children. The tips are easy to execute and they won’t end up costing you a fortune either. Just prepare well and have some plan Bs ready for when things go wrong.

Silvia loves organising parties and she is constantly thinking about new entertainment ideas. She is a big fan of including some fantastic standard fireworks for her parties and she loves cooking cakes. She is also a big fan of drawing.

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