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Good Birthday Gift Ideas For A New Acquaintance

Meeting someone new is always a nice thing to do. Having plenty of friends and acquaintances will guarantee you always have something to do and ensure you don’t feel lonely. Often you meet someone new and almost immediately after get an invite for his or her birthday party. But buying a birthday gift for someone you don’t yet know that well isn't all that easy. To help you out here are some good gift ideas to keep in mind.

A Houseplant Or A Flower Bouquet

If you are attending the birthday party at the person’s home then you can consider giving them a houseplant or a flower bouquet as a gift. This is a simple nice option and hopefully she or he isn’t allergic to flowers.

There are many good houseplant gift options that you can consider. For instance, a really lovely Bonsai tree is easy to keep alive and it doesn't usually cause allergy to people. Orchids are also really lovely gift options for an acquaintance.

A Gift Card

Yes, gift cards can seem a little thoughtless gifts but they are actually very good options for people who you don’t yet know that well. And the truth is that we all love getting a gift card because they allow us to get whatever it is that we really want.

So consider a gift card for a bookshop if you think they might be into it. For someone who is really fashionable you could consider a gift card to a specific fashion retailer. Or you can get gift cards to general retailers like Mark&Spencer or John Lewis so that the person can really spend the money on whichever section they want.

A Luxury Bottle Of Wine

Alcoholic drinks are always a good option for a new acquaintance. Naturally, you do have to make sure that they drink and don’t for instance suffer from a drinking problem. But in general a quality bottle can be a good option.

Buying a red wine gift is a classic option and suits both men and women. If you are also attending a birthday party at the person’s home then a wine gift bottle can be a really welcomed thing since the person can serve it with the dinner, for example.

A Well Thought Book

Books are also really good gift options and you generally will know something about the person that can help you purchase a book. If you met the person through a hobby then you can go with a book that has something to do with this hobby, for example.

If you know he is interested in politics or history then a book about a specific event or a political figure can be a good idea as well. Websites such as Good Reads can help you find the right books surrounding a specific topic.

The above ideas can hopefully help you get a good gift for a new acquaintance. Just make sure you use all the knowledge you have on the person and don’t be afraid for going with something very generic.

Marcus Allen loves finding gifts for his friends and family. He is a big fan of books and quality wines himself and is always ready to talk about these two subjects with people. He would also love to start gardening.

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