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Top 5 Summer Destinations in India 2014

Summer is the best time of the year to unwind from the stress in work and bond with the family or your love ones. Besides that, summer vacation is also the best reward you can give to yourself after a year of strenuous studying and catching up deadlines. While you are thinking of sunbed rental, why not consider these top places for your summer vacation?

1. Shimla


Known as Queen of Hills, Shimla is the summer capital of the British Raj. The magnificent and cool environment of Shimla remained to be a magnet for local and foreign tourists. The Queen of Hills delights us with stunning panorama for decades now. You can drink in to the beautiful views of the hills, museums, churches, waterfalls, valleys and churches that Shimla takes pride of. Speaking of hills, you can try visit Jakhoo Hills which is 2 kilometers from Shimla. Jakhoo is the highest peak of Shimla that gives you a sweeping view of the place. You can visit the ancient Lord Hanuman temple at the top of the hill which can be easily reached from Ridge near Church.  If you are adventurous enough, you can ride on pony to get there although taxis will also do.

 2. Mussoorie


Mussoorie is among the North India’s favorite wedding destination. Seeing the spectacular view, we can say that couples who spent their honeymoon in Mussoorie indeed have excellent taste. Come summer, the streets are filled with people all around India amidst the scorching heat of the sun. Besides the gorgeous hill stations lakes, valleys, waterfalls, museums and churches, tourists can enjoy the scenic views of lush greeneries including pines, oaks and deodar trees.

3. Munnar


Munnar takes pride with its magnificent tea plantations and picturesque valleys. Munnar is situated in Kerala that has is definitely an outstanding destination for the sunny days. It is just hard to resist the old and romantic charm of Munnar. The stunning place has a rare quality for tranquility and peace. If you are into soul searching or looking for a place to unwind and rejuvenate, then give Munnar a chance.

4. Gangtok


The capital city of Sikkim enjoys the panoramic views that attract the tourists all over the world. Gangtok is located at an altitude of 1800m which is also called as the ‘Switzerland of the East’. For those who would rather spend their summer enriching their spirituality than spending it on the beach, Gangtok is also an ideal destination for that. The Switzerland of the Easy is also welcomes Buddhist pilgrims as you learn and experience Buddhist culture. Are you a foodie? Well, Gangtok got you covered on that too.

5. Srinagar


If you wanted to have a memorable holiday, never miss out on Srinagar. Why? The summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir is just too exquisite and lovely to ignore. Located in Kashmir Valley, Srinagar is also tagged as the Venice of the East. With the houseboats and lakes, we would not definitely argue on that one. Srinagar also boasts their well-manicured gardens for those who marvel at stunning greenery. Meanwhile, for tourists who don’t want to depart from their spirituality during summer, Srinagar has mosques to help you stay close to your faith. 


  1. Thanks for this sharing friend! Your images are very beautiful. India has a lot of destinations to enjoy the summer and winter season. Shimla is my favourite destination in this country. I have never going in this city in my life. I must visit in this city after complete my New York Holidays and see the beautiful and amazing places in Shimla.

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