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5 Fashion Essentials For Businesswomen In 2014

2014 is set to be a great fashion year. There are so many amazing trends lined up for the year that everyone will find something to make them look great this year. For businesswomen it is essential that the trends are elegant and showcase professionalism.

Here are five of the fashion essentials a businesswoman should include to her look in 2014.
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1. Rosy Pink A-Line Skirt

There is nothing more elegant then an A-line skirt. It is really a great thing to have in your wardrobe because it suits all kinds of occasions really well and you can be very versatile with the top.

For 2014 it is a good idea to go with a rosy pink skirt. Rosy pink is the trendiest colour for the spring and will look amazing in an A-line skirt. You can use it together with a black or grey silky blouse, for example.

2. Sheer Blouse

Another hot trend for 2014 is sheer clothing. This can also be worn in an elegant way and it will look really good as part of your business look. Just make sure that you know how to wear it.

So get yourself a nice sheer blouse and wear a floral shirt underneath it. These are both really trendy at the moment and will add a nice feminine touch to your look.

3. Simple White Heels

When it comes to shoes then you should definitely go for white shoes no matter whether you are looking for boots or heels. White is a really dominant shoe colour in 2014 and will look really professional together with a lot of different coloured clothing.

While you are waiting for the spring get yourself some really high boots to wear together with skirts. Once the weather gets warmer simple white heels are the way to go.

4. Classic Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is still a really good option for businesswomen in 2014. It is always really professional and can add a lot of elegance to your look. You can find some great trench coat options if you buy wholesale clothing for women at All Stores, for example. Wholesale is good for a timeless businesswoman look and will help you stay on top of the latest trends in a budget-friendly manner.

You can be quite experimental with the colour of your trench coat. Naturally a beige and black are always elegant options but in 2014 you can be a little bit more playful. Go for the rosy pink or a really deep bright blue, for instance.

5. Fur Handbag

Naturally, all businesswomen need a proper handbag to carry around all the essential items. For the start of 2014 there is really no better choice then going with a fur handbag. Fur is really hot this season and for people who aren't into real fur fake fur options are also available.

You can see some great fur handbag trends in this Fashion Bashion article on Luis Vuitton’s collection. The size doesn't matter that much in 2014 and there is plenty of variation available. 

Claire Robertson loves to follow all the latest fashion trends. She is really into fashion blogs and fashion photography as well and likes to come up with different clothes combinations with her friends. She is also mad about mangos and loves drinking mango juice. 


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